Best generator for the money

If your home or cottage often has power outages or you need to power some device away from the stationary grid, a generator will be an indispensable helper. This tool generates energy with the help of a gasoline or diesel internal combustion engine, and they do not have an upper price tag. Especially when it comes to a powerful diesel, which is more often used at industrial or construction sites.

There are also household units. They have a relatively small capacity and more democratic prices. In our rating we have selected the cheapest generators, made without compromising the quality and performance. Choosing a generator, you should not be guided only by the price. It is necessary to clearly understand what goals are set for the unit and what a particular model is capable of. There are several criteria:

  • engine power;
  • noise pollution level;
  • fuel consumption;
  • form factor;
  • build quality.

Of course, it is impossible to check the quality of the assembly without prolonged use, so you must either be guided by the reviews of real customers who have already tried the product, or start from the brand. Well-known companies will not produce a low-quality product, because they value their reputation. However, there are also decent options among little-known companies. They are also included in our rating of budget diesel and gasoline generators.

Top cheapest generators

Here are the 4 best generators for your money.

4. Fubag DS 3600

Fubag DS 3600

The most popular diesel generator 

Country: Germany (made in China)

Rating (2021): 4.6 

Many people will probably be surprised to see a price tag of almost 50 thousand rubles in the rating of cheap generators. But there is no mistake. We are facing a diesel, and for him it is a real budget segment. The diesel generator is distinguished by its high power, all other things being equal. A gasoline unit with the same parameters would have a much larger size. There is 3 kW of rated power, and if you need an outlet for 1 kW, it just does not make sense to buy such a tool.

Also, the diesel generator has a significant disadvantage - the noise level. There are 80 decibels, and the machine can still be called quiet. It is categorically not recommended to use such machines in houses or on dachas, unless you plan to make enemies in the face of the neighbors. Also note that this is the most popular inexpensive diesel on the market. It is in great demand, since it combines not only a budget price tag, but also quite acceptable quality.



The best price-quality ratio 

Country: Russia (made in China)

Rating (2021): 4.7

This is a cheap gasoline generator, designed for industrial use. Using it at home is not recommended, because the noise level here is 96 decibels. This is a very loud tool, and this indicator can not be justified by the open type of construction, as well as the lack of a complex exhaust system. It is recommended to work with the generator only outdoors. However, and the loads here are appropriate. The rated power of the unit is 2.3 kilowatts, and the maximum - 2.5 kW. In other words, the machine can work practically at capacity, and this is permitted by the operating manual.

Of course, the CHAMPION GG3000 is not the cheapest machine on the market, but you should understand that it is not designed for a private home. The power is enough to run electric tools and even a welding machine. Such units are not used to power a TV or a refrigerator.

2. DDE DPG1201i

DDE DPG1201i

Low noise level 

Country: USA (made in China)

Rating (2021): 4.8

The American brand DDE rarely pleases us with budget products. Even though they are all made in China. Now we are facing a rare case. Quite inexpensive gasoline generator with the capacity of 1 kW at rated load. An excellent option for home or cottage, moreover, with the lowest noise level. Here it is 58 decibels. Yes, there are generators that work more quietly, but here it should be taken into account that the design of the device is open. It uses an inverter system, but there is no sound-proof cover.

There is another important disadvantage. The engine used has a two-stroke system. That is, before pouring fuel into the tank, it must be diluted with oil in a strictly defined proportion. Not to say that it causes any difficulties, but taking into account that it is necessary to fill the unit every three hours of work, it is not very convenient. But the device weighs only 12 kg. It is easy to carry. There is even a convenient handle on the body.

1. Eurolux G1200A

Eurolux G1200A

Best price 

Country: Russia (made in China) 

Rating (2021): 4.9

Eurolux is not the most popular brand on the market. It appeared relatively recently, and all the production facilities are in China. From Russia here is only the birthplace of the brand. But the company has the most attractive prices. Now in front of us is an inexpensive gasoline generator, producing at maximum load 1 kW. It is an excellent option for a private home or cottage, but it should be taken into account that the form factor here is not inverter, so there are no soundproofing covers. The noise level produced by the open motor is 65 decibels, which is quite loud.

The generator, though cheap, uses a four-stroke engine. You won't have to dilute the fuel with oil when filling it up. The size of the tank - 6 liters - will also please you. At the consumption of a little more than half a liter per hour, one filling is enough for about 10 hours of continuous operation. By the way, the power of 1 kW is nominal here. This means that the machine does not produce so much energy at maximum load.