The best portable home generators

Technique - mobile, small-sized, able to provide electrical power potential for the performance of various works, has always been in demand. For example, portable power generators, gasoline, diesel, gas, which are produced in sufficient quantity. However, among the range of such equipment presented in the market it is not always possible to choose exactly the model that would suit all the parameters. Let's try to make a kind of list of "Top 5" portable modern generators, taking into account the opinions of experts and users to ensure an accurate choice.

Rating of portable mobile generators

Building a kind of rating of electric devices, experts relied on the main criteria for user selection:

  • type of fuel,
  • power output,
  • voltage range,
  • overall dimensions,
  • market price tag.

Based on the analysis of the market environment, the results on the construction of the top five list are presented below.

Model #1 - Denzel GT-2100i

Denzel GT-2100i

One of those models, which market demand predestined to get into the first position of the TOP-5, despite its relatively weak technical capabilities. Here the first squeak was played by the portability factor.

With a weight of not more than 19 kg, the portable generator model "Denzel GT-2100i" seems to be the optimal design for the choice of potential customers. However, not only the sheer weight, but also the quiet operation (not more than 50 decibels - actually the sound of two normally speaking people) is appealing device.

The design of the "Denzel GT-2100i" portable generator provides 1700 (nominal) - 2100 (maximum) watts of power to power various devices. The design of the equipment provides:

  1. AC 220V load input (two outlets).
  2. 12V DC load inlet (one socket).

This set of contact groups is more than enough to power and charge electrical household appliances, including portable consumer electronics.

The fuel tank (gasoline) provides up to 4 hours of power generation in normal operation and 50% of that time under full load. Additionally, the "Denzel GT-2100i" model supports automatic shutdown in cases of critically low oil and fuel levels. This protection reliably prevents damage to the portable generator itself, as well as to the powered electronics.

To increase the power of this model of portable power generator is facilitated by the inclusion of an economy mode, which allows you to automatically start the engine of your portable generator.

You only need to adjust the desired fuel consumption. Economic mode extends the life of the portable power generator and increases the fuel limit while powering any connected items.

Model #2 - Honda EU22i

Honda EU22i

Japanese-made equipment has traditionally deserved the trust of users. No wonder that the second position of the top 5 was taken by the portable generator model "Honda EU22i", despite the high price tag.

The portable gasoline generator model "Honda EU22i" is:

  • lightweight,
  • durable in operation,
  • easy to use,

electric device, the weight of which is not more than 21 kg. The fuel tank is designed for a working volume of 5 liters. This volume is enough to provide the full power for four hours of work at 100% load.

About 10-12 hours of work is enough for the same amount of fuel if the load is 25%. Having two AC outlets and one DC outlet provides the flexibility to connect different types of appliances, including:

  • refrigerator,
  • TV,
  • laptop computer.

This portable generator supports economical fuel consumption and output voltage filtration. It is the advanced functionality that makes the unit expensive compared to the closest competitors. The unit practically provides 2200 watts of maximum power and 1800 watts of rated power.

The automatic design warns about a drop in oil level and the need for maintenance of the engine. There is also a function to protect the electric circuit of the portable generator against overload. Tandem connection of "Honda EU22i" models is allowed in order to increase power generation. The manufacturer declares a three-year warranty on the portable generator "Honda EU22i".

Model #3 - ELITECH BES 12500


Powerful design, demonstrating an example of a reliable emergency power station of the country house and other objects. Power source for a significant load.

Need a powerful, reliable machine capable of providing emergency power at home? According to experts, such a machine is ready to act as a portable generator "ELITECH BES 12500". The power unit, in fact, refers to the professional design of the multi-circuit generator, capable of simultaneously powering several devices with 220/380V. That is, power:

  • air conditioner,
  • heater,
  • refrigerator,
  • light bulbs,
  • TV,
  • computer,
  • a sump pump,

and other equipment, is quite provided, given the power of this model of the generator, reaching the level - 9000 W.

Quite portable for its power class, the "ELITECH BES 12500" model is equipped with a 48-liter fuel tank, which guarantees up to 10 hours of operation at a load of 50%.  The full power output, however, can reach the level of - 9500 watts.

Of course, the device costs a lot of money, but for areas where power outages are frequent, this model of portable generator is able to provide complete peace of mind to the owner of a country house. Stability and durability of the portable generator is provided by the air-cooled engine, equipped with a replaceable screw-on oil filter.

At the same time, a characteristic disadvantage of this model is the weight. Being in the category of mobile portable generators, the device weighs 150 kg and has dimensions of 85x65x62 cm.

But the design of the frame based on hardened steel, complete with transportation handles, allows you to move the unit if necessary. In addition, the generating set comes with a wheel kit and maintenance kit.

Model #4 - Daewoo Power Products GDA 2600i

Daewoo Power Products GDA 2600i

One of the versatile models, quite powerful, rightfully deserves to get into the rating of attractive portable generators. The design is considered optimal for the production of household chores.

A powerful, versatile 20-kilogram portable generator from a series of "Daewoo Power Products GDA 2600i" seems to be a good choice, considering the design possibilities of transportation. The product is equipped with an H-shaped chassis, allowing relatively easy movement of the generator by one person.

This portable generator is powered by a 138 cc engine that produces 2200 watts of maximum output, 2000 watts of rated output and 2750 watts of full output. The (gasoline-powered, inverter) design is capable of running for 10 hours fully fueled, providing 50 percent of the power delivered to the load.

The Daewoo Power Products GDA 2600i portable generator supports the electrification of most household appliances powered by 220V. The station includes inverter technology to power portable electronics:

  • smartphones,
  • tablets,
  • laptops, etc.

The noise characteristic of 64 dB at full operating power actually provides a favorable mode of silence. Therefore, the comfort of daily life is not disturbed by the operation of this model.

The power distribution panel includes two consumer outlets. In order to increase the power, "Daewoo Power Products GDA 2600i" product allows the connection of a second device. With the "PowerSmart" mode, which automatically regulates the engine crankshaft speed, the Daewoo Power Products GDA 2600i series portable generator is an interesting piece of equipment.

Model #5 - CHAMPION GG2000


"Champion" clearly does not lose the expressive brand name by introducing the "GG2000" model variant to the market. This is one of the models in the manufacturer's entire range, consistently ranking among the top portable generators.

The "CHAMPION GG2000" is positioned as a portable generator, despite its rather decent weight of 39 kg. However, the portability factor is provided by a well thought-out and compactly executed design.

The maximum power of the device is 2300 watts, the rated power is 2000 watts. Wireless remote control is supported (not for all models), allowing you to run a portable generator at a distance of 25 m.

In addition with the possibility of battery start the scheme of manual - lever start of the generator is supported. Portable equipment is powered by a gasoline engine.

The 15-liter tank is enough to operate for up to 12 hours at 50% capacity. True, the design is quite noisy, judging by the technical characteristics - 95 dB (sound level of the lawnmower).

Robust steel frame helps to maintain a stable level of engine operation. Portable generator "CHAMPION GG2000" is able to provide energy:

  • lighting system,
  • TVs,
  • air conditioner operation,
  • pumps,
  • the functionality of household power tools.

The consumer panel includes two 220V sockets, a voltmeter device. Overload protection is provided, including - low oil level sensor, sensor quick monitoring of voltage, frequency, running time.

The final touch of the review on portable generators

Five versatile models clearly demonstrate the great opportunities for potential owners of equipment generating electricity. Only 5 compact models were selected from the total mass of products, which showed a clear preference of consumer market customers. A wider range is shown below:

In general, judging by the review made, the market of compact mobile electric power sources is able to fully cover the needs of owners of country houses, summer cottages and other objects where emergency (autonomous) electricity is required.