Best generators for the house

The generator is an indispensable device for solving problems with power outages. It allows you to fully provide the necessary power in the power supply in the complete absence of power supply not only at home, but also in the country house or at a construction site. Installing a generator in the house or cottage will allow you to have a stable voltage, as well as avoid unpleasant incidents, in case of power outages. 

Making the rating of generators for home and cottage for 2020, we collected the opinions of experts, customer reviews and the share of sales. Based on these findings, we can name the top 10.

Top 10 best generators for home and cottage in 2020

1. Iron Angel EG 5500E (5.5 kW) gasoline generator

Iron Angel EG 5500E generator

The first place is occupied by the generator, the cost of which is less than 500 c.u. and is able to provide the maximum load of 5.5 kW. This model is not the only one on the market, but it corresponds to the price and quality. So it is safe to say that this is the most budget model in this capacity of worthy units. 

The generator from the famous Dutch brand will be a very useful device for both domestic and commercial purposes. Though this unit weighs 87kg, which seems to be a lot, but it is equipped with wheels and comfortable handles for quick transportation. 

Also, this generator is equipped with a voltage regulator (AVR), which allows you to connect even a very sensitive equipment, which increases its value. But it should still be considered as a backup power source.

2. Könner&Söhnen KS 3000G gasoline generator (3 kW)

Könner&Söhnen KS 3000G generator

The top 2 is the generator with the ability to run on both gasoline and gas. This system offers more opportunities for economy. The average fuel consumption is only 0.95 liters per hour for gasoline (1.15 liters per hour for LPG), which makes this model the most economical.

This model will cost you considerably less than a generator of the same brand, such as the Könner&Söhnen KS 7000E G, which is ranked fourth. It is a good solution for consumers who need only 3 kW of power. If you need autonomy or portability, you should pay attention to other types of generators for the home of our top, such as diesel or inverter.

3. DALGAKIRAN DJ7000DG-EC (5.9 kW) cased diesel generator

DALGAKIRAN DJ7000DG-EC diesel generator

This is an excellent economical generator model from the Turkish brand. Thanks to its low fuel consumption, it is well suited for both primary and backup power supply. Diesel generators have their main advantages over gasoline generators:

  • Recoupment. Diesel fuel is cheaper so it pays off faster.
  • Longevity of operation. Diesel can run longer without stopping.

Since this generator is made in a protective enclosure, it can be used outdoors. Given that all generators are not silent, they are installed outdoors when possible to reduce noise. The hood protects against rain, snow and wind, and reduces noise. The wheels of this model allow it to move easily around the site.

4. Könner&Söhnen KS 7000E G (5.5 kW) gas and gasoline generator

Könner&Söhnen KS 7000E G gas and gasoline generator

Fourth in the top 10 electric generators was the best-selling model. This generator is highly environmentally friendly and cost-effective. It is possible to use the generator on gasoline as well as on propane-butane. The ability to use a gas cylinder extends autonomous operation of the generator.

In most cases, the capacity of 5.5 kW is enough to provide electricity to the cottage, country house or cottage, which makes this model popular. Also this power may be enough for construction works in the complete absence of electricity away from civilization. We believe that this generator, though it costs more than analogues due to the dual-fuel engine and popular power, and it deserves special attention.

5. Hyundai HHY 10050FE-3 ATS (8 kW) gasoline generator

Hyundai HHY 10050FE-3 ATS petrol generator

This model is designed primarily for use in the countryside. The device will help to avoid voltage fluctuations. It is possible to connect a variety of garden and household devices. This generator is equipped with a voltage stabilizer called AVR, a simple and clear control unit, an alternator made of copper winding and other quality components.

6. Weekender D1200I Inverter Generator (1.2 kW)

Weekender D1200I inverter generator

A great find if you consider it as a generator for the cottage or as the best solution for travel. It is an inverter generator, which gathered all the new technology, provides up to 12 hours of operation under constant load. Lightweight (only 15 kg) and easy to use. Very low price.

Inverter generators are often considered as portable generators because they are several times lighter and have a special case.

The unique feature of this generator is a very precise generation of electricity, as it is filtered, smoothed by high-tech equipment. Therefore, it is perfectly suitable for providing energy to computers, household appliances, phones. It is also worth noting the maximum economic efficiency - the possibility of reducing fuel consumption by as much as 40%. This is achieved by reducing the engine speed while reducing the load on the generator, which conventional gasoline generators cannot do.

7. Diesel generator Kentavr KDG505EK/Z (5.5 kW)

Diesel generator Kentavr KDG505EK/Z

In the top generators for the house in seventh place is a model running on diesel fuel, due to what it can be used as the main source of power supply. Since the generator is implemented in an open design (without a protective cover), it is better to install it indoors. 

The generator Kentavr KDG505EK/Z is called universal because it can be used for both single-phase and three-phase loads. But only this can be done alternately.

This unit is equipped with an automatic voltage regulator, as a result, the output voltage in all ranges will be stable. The generator can be safely used to supply power to communication facilities, computer equipment, electronic equipment, as well as household appliances (air-conditioning equipment, refrigerator, TV, pump). This generator, as well as any other, should not be loaded at 100%. It is better to contact our experts to calculate the required power.

8. Malcomson ML12-DE1 diesel generator (11 kW)

Malcomson ML12-DE1 diesel generator

The most powerful model in our rating. Due to the Malcomson LA290 20 hp diesel engine, this unit can work without stopping for a long time. In this regard, the British generator Malcomson ML12-DE1 will be the best solution if you need the main source of electricity, or if there is a prolonged power outage.

The maximum power of this generator is 11 kW, which is enough to power an electric boiler, a welding machine, construction equipment, or several consumers simultaneously.

9. Matari MX13003E gasoline generator (10 kW)

Matari MX13003E Gasoline Generator

It can be used as a short-term or backup power supply. This model is purchased by utilities, small industries, construction teams, as well as owners of country houses and summer cottages.

This unit is able to work both with consumers of 220 and 380 volts, which makes this model versatile, given the considerable power of 10 kW. You can also connect low-voltage equipment, for which there is a separate socket. This generator is easy to transport due to the wheels and convenient handles for transportation. The warranty is 24 months, which indicates decent quality of the Japanese brand Matari.

10. Forte FGD9000E Diesel Generator (7 kW)

Forte FGD9000E diesel generator

The Forte brand generator is ranked tenth due to its low cost and enough power to connect a large number of household appliances. The LT-192FD 15 hp diesel engine will save you money on fuel and allow you to work continuously for up to 8 hours. This generator has a voltage stabilization (AVR) and two single-phase power outlets for 16A.

PS: Please note the rating of generators include models of mass demand, and as a rule these are generators up to 12 kW, but if you need solutions for 20-100 kW or even 1000 kW, please call or leave an application on our website. Our specialists will choose the best solutions of price and quality. All consultations are free of charge.