Jackery Power Pro - Portable power generator for camping review

It used to be thought that when we went backpacking or camping, the first thing we took from the essentials was a tent, a sleeping bag, a wok or a frying pan to cook our food.

Nowadays, it seems more and more we are using our favorite gadgets in the middle of nowhere, which leads to the need to keep these devices charged when we are away from an outlet.

Jackery hopes to make this process much easier with its Power Pro, a portable generator specifically designed for outdoor use.

A generator specifically designed for outdoor use

So what can the Power Pro do?

First, it has a 578Wh battery and a set of ports for connecting your gadgets. Not only does the generator have a built-in 110V AC outlet, it also has two 12V DC ports, a DC cigarette lighter jack, and two 5V USB ports. In addition, the Power Pro is equipped with an LCD screen to help you keep track of its battery life and charging functions, as well as a built-in flashlight to light the camp.

Jackery says the Power Pro's lithium-ion battery can recharge your smartphone more than 45 times and charge your laptop anywhere from 4-7 times, depending on the laptop's internal battery. It can also recharge a drone, more than 7 times, or light up a camp for more than 100 hours. If you choose to use the portable generator for your outdoor adventures, the generator can even keep your mini fridge running for up to 10 hours or your LCD TV for over 4 hours.

The generator can even keep the mini-fridge running for up to 10 hours

The Power Pro itself can be easily charged, through plugging it directly into an outlet or by pairing it with a solar panel while you're camping. Jackery claims it will take 6-7 hours to charge the device with the included AC adapter, and about 7 hours, when charging from connected 85W solar panels, in direct sunlight. This time for solar recharging seems overly optimistic, and as is often the case, it will take longer to collect that much solar power in the field.

Dimensions and Price

Compared to its competitors, the Jackery Power Pro is quite reasonable in weight. For example, the similar Goal Zero Yeti 400 Solar Generator - has both a smaller battery (400Wh) and a higher weight, 13.155 kg, versus the Power Pro's 5.443 kg.

The Yeti 400, on the other hand, has an additional AC port and a lower price. Goal Zero sells its model for $460, while the Power Pro will go for $799.

Will it be worth the extra money? We'll just have to wait and see.

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